Character Bio

Here you'll find out more about the characters portrayed in The Black Shadow...

Lucas Baker

DOB: 18th March 1988

Bio: Raised in Britain, but moved to China with his family when 17.

Lucas hadn't been there long when his family was killed in an earthquake, which he survived.

He was brought back to the UK, where Dr Williamson looked after him, and brought him into The Project.


Dr Williamson

DOB: 15th December 1960

Bio: Family died in car crash when 16.

In care home for two years. Left home at 18, got a job and saved and saved.

Went to University at 27, studied for 5 years, got degree.

Got job in private lab, learned a lot, published a few findings, got snapped up by government.

Everyone thinks he emigrated to Australia.

He has no family, no links, no ties.


Mary Emmerson

DOB: 22nd April 1964

Bio: At 19 she enrolled in Newcastle University to study nursing.

After graduation, she was employed as a nurse at Newcastle�s Freeman Hospital.

After marrying Dr Fawcett, she had twins at 33.

Twelve years later, a family outing tragically killed her husband and twin daughters.

Taking a year off on compassionate leave, she returned to her job before being asked by Dr Williamson to join The Project.


Philippe Young

DOB: 1st September 1981

Bio: Found at just 3 months old in a shopping centre in Sheffield, Philippe was passed around from foster home to foster home.

Despite his unsettled home life, he was a quick learner, and gained national recognition with his secondary exam results.

Graduating from University with top marks in his class, Philippe was immediately taken in by Dr�s Williamson and Gutschmidt, who had recognised his talent. He was briefed on The Project, and made some fundamental advancements in the field in which he specialised.


Michael Cross

DOB: 15th June 1982

Bio: A bit of a rebel at school, Michael loved to play around with computers, and soon got involved with programming.

He hacked into the World Bank at age 19, and was arrested and imprisoned for a year.

Upon his release, his parents disowned him, and he travelled to New Zealand, where he set up a computer consultancy business.

He floated the business on the stock market, and returned to the UK, to discover that his parents had both died.

Filled with grief, he donated his entire fortune to the NSPCC.

Dr Williamson contacted him, told him about The Project, and he signed up.


Dr Boris Gutschmidt

DOB: 17th October 1969

Bio: Boris grew up in Germany, and showed a flair for Science.

After completing his education, he opened a lab in Berlin.

After an accident which killed one of his colleagues, he moved from Germany to the UK, where he was approached by Dr Williamson, who had read of his works.

After hearing about The Project and it�s aims, he immediately became part of it.

However, a brain haemorrhage claimed his life at just 37 years of age.