The Facility

The Facility is a secret government building in the heart of Northumberland, near Kielder Water. Locals think that it is a Forestry Commission research station, where tests are carried out on water and soil. In actual fact, it�s home to Dr Williamson, Philippe Young, Michael Cross, Mary Emmerson and Lucas Baker.

Computer Room and Labs:

The Computer Room and Labs are where the main work of the Facility takes place - research is carried out, prototypes are built, and case studies are conducted.

Gym and Swimming Pool:

The Facility is also equipped with a state of the art gym for the residents, as well as an 80 foot swimming pool.

Reading Room and Recreation Room:

If the residents don't feel like pumping iron or doing the breaststroke, residents can enjoy the quietness of the Reading Room, or chill out in the Recreation Room, where there is a full size Snooker table, dart board, table tennis table, and the latest PlayStation console hooked up to an 80" plasma TV.

Dining Room and Kitchen:

The kitchen and Dining Room at The Facility could cater for 30, such are the dimensions and equipment. Food is sourced locally, and prepared on site. Residents have a menu provided for them weekly, and at the weekend vote on what food to eat! They also chip in and help with the cooking and washing whenever they can.

Dr Williamson's Office and Library:

Dr Williamson is the Team Leader of The Facility, and his office is decorated with his various award, certificates and diplomas, as well as photos of him meeting many famous individuals. The library which backs onto his office is an ever-expanding resource of reference works, and also has a number of fictional volumes.


The Reception at The Facility is unmanned. A polite notice informs guests that visits will be received on an appointment basis only. There is, however, a bell that visitors can press � and if they do, one of the Residents of The Facility will answer the call. The Reception area is a front, used to disguise the purpose of The Facility, and has information on the Reservoir and the Surrounding Forest.


Each resident has their own room, stylised after modern apartments, with entrance hallway, bedroom with on-suite bathroom facilities and a living room, equipped with TV and two seater sofa. The bedrooms are equipped with double bed and built in wardrobes. Instead of windows, all residential rooms have sloping glass ceilings with electrically controlled blinds.

Wireless internet access is available throughout The Facility.

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