The Black Shadow drives two vehicles: A 2010 Ford Mustang GT500KR, and a 2009 Honda Blackbird CBR 1100 X motorbike. Both are top of the range, fully specced vehicles, which have been modified, courtesy of HM Government, in order to further assist The Black Shadow to carry out his missions.

Ford Mustang GT500KR

Ford Mustang GT500KR

Honda Blackbird CBR1100 XX

Honda Blackbird CBR 1100 XX

The Honda Blackbird CBR1100 XX is equipped with an unmodified 1137cc 150bhp petrol engine, which propels the bike from 0-60 in just xx seconds. It's six-speed gearbox gives The Black Shadow power in the straights, and control in the curves.

In addition to the factory fitted equipment, the bike is equipped with offensive and defensive weapons:


Two front mounted heat seeking missiles


The 'blind light' - a 4,000 watt lamp to dazzle oncoming traffic

Fogscreen - to temporarily cover the road surface to the rear with fog

Oilslick - to lay a trail of oil behind the bike

Tyreshredders - a collection of nails, screws and shards of glass to puncture the tyres of following traffic

The bike is also equipped with run-flat tyres, which mean that in the event of a tyre getting a puncture, or being shot, the bike will still be able to run for 50 miles - ensuring that The Black Shadow reaches a point of safety.

Nissan Navara Double Cab 2.5 DCi

Nissan Navara Double Cab

The Nissan Navara is a standard issue 2009 registered pickup truck. With a 2.5 litre, 250bhp engine, it really does look the business. Painted in the same livery as the UK's Forestry Commission vehicles, it serves to reinforce in local people's minds that The Facility is in fact a water and soil research plant.