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About The Laughter File and It's Author

Check out Mark Chandler's New Book: The Black Shadow!

The Laughter File - Hilarious Fun For All The Family!

The Laughter File is fantastic compilation of the best jokes ever told – immense fun for all the family, whatever the age.

Originally, The Laughter File began as a private collection of jokes by the author whilst in his teens. Collecting jokes, riddles, and other random pieces of humour in an A4 Lever Arch File (hence the name) to keep passengers in his car amused, the collection grew to it's current size.

Deciding to to let others benefit from the lashings of humour, Mark, then 24, compiled the jokes on his computer, and after many months of categorising, sorting, proof-reading and formatting, he made arrangements to have the book published online through Lulu.com.

In 2008, Mark took The Laughter File to the next level. He purchased a distribution package - allowing Lulu.com to become named publishers of The Laughter File, and assigning it an ISBN. The joke book was then made available to purchase not only from Lulu.com, but also from major retailers such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, WHSmith, and many more.

About Mark Chandler

Born in 1981 just outside of London, Mark Chandler grew up in the North East of England, and now resides in Sunderland, Tyne and Wear.

As well as The Laughter File, Mark has released a number of other publications, both humourous and business-related.

So what are you waiting for – buy your copy of The Laughter File today - go on, buy one for a friend too!

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The Laughter File is available from Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.com, Lulu.com and all major book retailers.

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Check out Mark Chandler's New Book: The Black Shadow!

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Check out Mark Chandler's New Book: The Black Shadow!