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The Laughter File - Hilarious Fun For All The Family!

The Laughter File is fantastic compilation of the best jokes ever told – immense fun for all the family, whatever the age.

Filtered into 9 fabulous categories, The Laughter File will have you laughing for hours on end.


Amuse yourself and your friends with the fabulous Activities section – grab a pen and paper, and work your way through mind twisting IQ tests, name generators, quizzes and more!

Blonde Jokes:

Introduce yourself to Rhonda, Cydney and Buddy – The Laughter File’s Blonde section residents. Hilarity ensues wherever they go!

Story Jokes:

Immerse yourself into a Story joke – where the details are deep and the punchline is wicked! Remember a couple of these and you’ll be the centre of attention wherever you go.

Short Jokes:

If you haven’t got time to immerse yourself, then flip through the Short jokes section. You’ll find jokes that are short, sweet and to the point – just like the author!


If you love to amuse people with your grasp of words, then you should turn straight to the Puns section – you’ll find all the puns you’ll ever need to store in your repertoire of fantastic sentences!

Tongue Twisters:

No doubt after you’ve perused that section, you’ll browse straight over to the Tongue Twisters section, where not only will you find an array of fabulously twisted sentences, but also the hardest Tongue Twister in the English Language! Can you wrap your tongue around it?!


Turn to the Riddles section to totally confuse your family – how long will it take them – and you – to work out the answer from the short, snappy sentence?


You’ll love The Laughter File’s Lists section – from Fun Things to Do in A Lift, Remember the Days, Things We Learn from the Movies and much, much more – your funny bone will be tickled beyond belief!


The funniest things in life are usually true – so how appropriate that the final section of The Laughter File is entitled True. From funny laws in the USA to stories of inept people, you’ll be gobsmacked by the contents.

So what are you waiting for – buy your copy of The Laughter File today - go on, buy one for a friend too!

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The Laughter File is available from Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.com, Lulu.com and all major book retailers.

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