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Check out Mark Chandler's New Book: The Black Shadow!

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Debt. It’s a killer. I bet that right now, you are in debt. Maybe not much, but in debt nevertheless. Maybe you owe your neighbour ten pounds for that bottle of wine? Or perhaps you owe your parents £200 for that Flymo you got from B&Q at the weekend? Perhaps you owe the dealership £60,000 for that BMW you decided to buy last month? Or what about the £300,000 you owe the bank for that home that you moved into last year? Oh, and remember that Caribbean cruise you booked two years ago? Well, you still haven’t paid Barclaycard the £8,000 that that little adventure cost you…

But imagine now that you go to the cash machine, put in your debit card, and slowly punch in your four digit PIN… and see on the screen in front of you:

BALANCE: £1,000,000.00

Would you think that you are dreaming? I bet you would! What would you do with ONE MILLION POUNDS? Pay off your debt! Buy a new home! Buy a very fast car! Go on holiday again and again and again! Never borrow from the neighbours again!

But here’s the best part – it’s NOT JUST A DREAM! Making your first MILLION POUNDS can be done easily – in 9.2 SECONDS! This fantastic ebook helps you do it.

Now, the content of the book can’t be revealed on this page – that’s just silly – but you can bet your bottom dollar that this is child’s play – any ANYONE can use this book to make their FIRST MILLION! And once you’ve made your FIRST MILLION, what’s to stop you making your SECOND, THIRD, FOURTH – or what about your FIRST BILLION!!!!???

What’s the catch? NO CATCH!

What do you need? Access to the Internet and a desire to MAKE YOUR FIRST MILLION!

Does it really work? Of course! Check out these true real life testimonials:

Richard Branson:

If I had access to this fantabulous ebook way back when, Virgin would have been a success much earlier, and I would have retired ten years ago! The content of this package is unbelievable – I can’t believe how useful it is!

Richard Branson - The Laughter File

Bill Gates:

Using this mega sweet ebook, I’ve been able to build up a reserve of cash that I intend to use to first of all crush Apple to a pulp, and then take over the world! Microsoft will assimilate you all!

Bill Gates - The Laughter File

Sylvester Stallone:

As soon as I made my first million from this book, I called my agent, and told them to cancel my appearance in Rocky 42 – I don’t need the money anymore!

Sylvester Stallone- The Laughter File

George W Bush:

The useful information in contained within the pages of this ebook absolutely blew my mind. I can’t even comprehend how big a number one million is, so I’m having real trouble envisioning one million pounds – it must be immense!

George Bush - The Laughter File


What do you need to do?

Step 1: Relax. The prospect of making ONE MILLION POUNDS is too much for some people to bear, so just calm down. Drink some water.

Step 2: Click on the PayPal link on the bottom of this page.

Step 3: Send the ridiculously miniscule sum of ONLY £99.99 to the Author by PayPal.

Step 4: Check your inbox for the fantastic full-of-money ebook “How To Make Your First Million In 9.2 Seconds”.

Step 5: Set Your Stopwatch.

Step 6: Read and follow the Suggestions


This is a sure fire way to make lots and lots of money.


Not content with the ONE MILLION POUNDS that you have just made in 9.2 seconds? Sell this book on to everyone you know!

Oh, and Steps 8, 9 and 10:

Pay off your debt, buy something nice and ENJOY YOUR MILLIONS!


PLEASE NOTE. There is no ebook. If you want to make 1 million pounds, you need to work hard to do so. Perhaps visit this place to get started. But, if you enjoyed this page, and want to contribute to the longevity of this website, you can contribute to it now by purchasing this book instead. Thanks!

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Check out Mark Chandler's New Book: The Black Shadow!

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Check out Mark Chandler's New Book: The Black Shadow!