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Check out Mark Chandler's New Book: The Black Shadow!

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Check out Mark Chandler's New Book: The Black Shadow!

The Laughter File isn't the only publication from Mark Chandler. Two Special Editions of The Laughter File have been released - one to raise money for Comic Relief: The Red Nose Day Special, and one to raise money for BBC Children in Need (no longer on sale).

As well as that, there are more fantastic humorous publications, available exclusively as downloadable content:

Mark's Collection of Silly Rhymes

Proverbs for the 21st Century Citizen

The following humourous narrative publications (from the misspent days of the author's youth) are free to download:

Dangerous Driving

Playing Chicken... With a Train

Rallying in Kielder

If you are business oriented, you may be interested in the following items available right now:

Supersize Your Business

14 Point Web Copy Analysis

How to Make More Money - The Complete Guide

185 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

If you own a website, or like to dabble in ebay, the following may be of interest to you:

The AdSense Mint - A License to Print Money!

101 eBay Seller Secrets Revealed

A fantastic book for all office workers, whether new to the job or well experienced:

Standardising and Unifying Office Admin Tasks

A fantastic compendium of mouth watering recipes:

134 Delicious Smoothie Recipes


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The Laughter File is available from Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.com, Lulu.com and all major book retailers.

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Check out Mark Chandler's New Book: The Black Shadow!

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Check out Mark Chandler's New Book: The Black Shadow!