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Check out Mark Chandler's New Book: The Black Shadow!

I get far too many text messages a day. I spend half of my day - and all of my calling plan - replying to text messages. If I'm not careful, my fingers are going to be crippled by the time I hit 30.

This troubled me, so I thought I had hit upon a fantastic solution: Only send one text message a day. But that one text message would be sent to everyone that had texted me, and would answer everyone's text.

I thought it was the perfect solution to my problems.

Even though this one text would be mega long and span multiple messages, it would take a fraction of the time of sending individual messages. Nothing could go wrong, or so I thought.

Here's what the first text looked like:

Hi All!
Debs: Yup, cinema on Friday is cool, I can make 7.30
John: Can't play pool on Friday, something has come up
Mike: No
Steve: Yes
Jane: It's not you, it's me.
Jenna: So, you know, maybe we can go for a drink tonight?
Andy: Yeah, Rachel seems nice, hope it works out mate.
Simon: Definitely, she's a psycho - Andy hasn't got a clue
James: Don't worry bud, I'll have the money at the weekend.
Paul: No, I need that cash ASAP!
Mum: Yeah fine thanks - strapped for cash as usual!
Boss: The report will be ready for 3pm
Rob: Pint at 2 sounds fab - slow day and the boss is away!

I only did it once.
Now I have no friends, no job, no money, I'm not doing anything on Friday, Rachel is stalking me - but at least Mum gave me a fiver, bless her!

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