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Check out Mark Chandler's New Book: The Black Shadow!

Taking "Text Books" to the Next Level!

When we hear the expression "Text Book", we usually think of being back at school, and listening to the teacher - "Please open your text book to Chapter 12."

When we hear the word "Text" on it's own, many today instantly think of SMS - "I'll just text you when I get there."

What about if we amalgamate the two ideas - send someone a text that is a book?

This would require that the stories sent are small - as a text can only contain 160 characters - that includes spaces and punctuation.

Check out our TextBooks bellow – which you can send FREE to a mobile number.

Want to submit a TextBook?  Type it into the box below – make sure it doesn’t exceed 160 characters, and then email the story to textbooks@markchandler.eu

We’ll post the best stories on here!

Want to send a TextBook FREE to a friend?  Use the link below!

TextBook 1
There was once a little boy named Joe. His dad bought him a bike. Joe rode it to the shops and bought some sweets. He got knocked down by a car on the way home.

TextBook 2
Mary was swimming in the lake. A fish bit her. Scared in case any more fish were in the lake, she got out and ran into the forest. She died of hypothermia.

TextBook 3
Sam was looking at the stars through a telescope. The next day, he looked at the sun through it. This burnt his eye. He never looked through a telescope again.

TextBook 4
In the town centre a gang of youths were bullying a homeless guy. He died of a heartattack. They all got arrested and served life sentences for manslaughter.

TextBook 5
Zack, Dom and Jane were in a band. They played in pubs but then got signed by a recording label. Now they are international stars and are rich and famous.

TextBook 6
Ben the dog was roaming the streets. He had a great day chasing cats, barking at postmen and stealing the ball in the park. He went home tired and fell asleep.

TextBook 7
He hated PE-he was always the last picked. Today was the same. The two teams argued over which one didn’t have him! He was finally put in defence on Jim’s team.

TextBook 8
After spilling ice cream on his new shirt, Bob angrily took it off and threw it in a bin. He wasn’t bothered, it was only a cheap one, and he could buy another.

TextBook 9
Sally was reading a book by the window. Then a storm came. She didn’t like storms, so she hid in her bed.

TextBook 10
As the car went faster and faster, Adam began to feel a little scared. He loved going fast, but this was dangerous. He slowed down.

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Is your TextBook 160 characters or less?  Submit it now, or send it to a friend using the link below!

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